Erasmus Programme

Erasmus Programme

General Information for Guest Students and Staff

Within its faculties, the Karkonosze College in Jelenia Góra offers the possibility for Erasmus + exchanges in science and humanities.

It is possible to create a Learning/Teaching Programme in the following study programmes: Journalism and Social Communication, English and German Philology, Pedagogy: Early and Primary Childhood Education, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Physical Education, Technical and Computer Science Education and Nutrition Science. The students may choose subjects from different semesters and different study programmes. Before creating a final Learning Agreement in each case the possibility of foreign students’ participation in the organized activities is confirmed with the respective faculties by the Institutional Erasmus Co-ordinator.

The study programmes are now being updated, however students who started their study in the years before that, study according to the previously agreed programmes. Therefore the potential candidates should check with the Institutional Erasmus Co-ordinator if all the courses they want to choose are available by sending a list of courses which they want to take.


The detailed course lists within the above-mentioned programmes is provided under the links below:

Journalism and Social Communication Programme

German Philology Programme

English Philology Programme

Early and Pre-School Education Programme

Physical Education Programme

Physiotherapy Programme

Nursing Programme

Technical Education and Computer Science Programme

Dietetics Programme


Application procedure:

Academic year 2019/2020

the deadline for nominations is: 30.04.2019

deadline for applications is: 30.05.2019

The college retains the right to close the application procedure earlier if there are too many candidates.

By 30.05.2019 the students should send, in HARD COPY, to the address stated at the bottom of the page, the following documents:

1) Application form

2) Application form for housing, if necessary

3) 1 passport-size photograph (35x45 mm).

Before posting, please also send a scan of these documents to

Address: Karkonosze College in Jelenia Góra, ul. Lwówecka 18, 58-503 Jelenia Góra

The decisive factor is the date of the postage.

Apart from the above, before arriving to Karkonosze College in Jelenia Góra, we would like the candidate student to

1. fill in an online questionnaire which will be published soon

2. send us the following documents ONLY by e-mail (to

2.1)     a scan of the identity-page from the candidate’s passport or a document conforming his/her identity (in case of EU students). If the students do not yet have the passport by the time of applying, please send the copy as soon as you can. As soon as the Turkish students receive the visa, we would also like to receive the scan of your visa page.

2.2)     A scan of the colour photograph in jpg format, size 50kb (236x295 pixels), recommended quality: 300 dpi. The photo should be of your head only, passport photograph is ok.

2.3)     a proposal – in OFFICE WORD - editable - format – of the Learning Agreement. After reviewing the proposed subjects, you will be able to give the final Learning Agreements for the signature at your University and send them by e-mail (or hard copy, if needed) to KPSW.

2.4)     a scan of the proof of your insurance that you will use during your stay in Poland. For the EU students this can be the E111 card, for the Turkish students the insurance which you buy while applying for your visa.

Nursing and physiotherapy students, or students who want to do practical placements in medical institutions, must bring with them a valid Vaccination proof against Hep B and changing clothes for the medical placements - in light colours: white, but also light green, blue or pink. Changing shoes will also be required - also in light colour, with your toes covered, preferably.

The review of the Learning Agreements and issuing of the acceptance letters will be communicated no later than by 15 July 2019, by e-mail. If you with to receive the original acceptance letter, please write so in an email providing an email address to which the letter should be sent.

If you with to receive the original acceptance letter, please write so in an email providing an email address to which the letter should be sent.Accommodation is booked upon acceptance at Students Halls of Residence, all international students who apply for accommodation – receive it.

The calendar for the next academic year  - both "winter" and "summer" semesters can be seen here. I'm adding the "winter" and "summer" in brackets, because in English language it is customary to give the semester names such as autumn or fall and spring - but in Polish language we say winter semester (semester zimowy) and summer semester (semestr letni). Here we will use both versions.

The classes in the winter semester usuallu start on the 1st October, but in the next academic year they will start already on 30 September 2019. The Welcome week for the students in the winter semester is going to be held in the last week of September 2019, starting from 25th until 28th September. During the Welcome Week students will be able to learn about the School and the campus, integrate, get intercultural workshops and walk in the local surroundings to get to know the city of Jelenia Góra.

In the spring semester, the Welcome Days will start on 15th February 2020 and the semester will officially start on 18th February.


  • Kamila Biniek, Erasmus Institutional Coordinator:
    tel: +48 75 64 53 300, fax.: +48 75 64 53 310.


Karkonosze College in Jelenia Góra

ul. Lwówecka 18

58-503 Jelenia Góra

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